The ZRP has just confirmed that eight robbers blasted their way into the safe at Gateway High School in Harare on Saturday. This took place around midnight. The robbers are said to have gotten away with US$250 000 in cash.

The police were confirming a statement that had been issued on Sunday by the Chairperson of the school’s board of trustees, Ms Sarah Cross. She said the robbers had used dynamite to blow their way into the cash housed within the administration block. The robbers had ealier on overpowered security guards before forcing one of them to show them where the cash was.

The ZRP confirms that investigations are in progress in connection with the armed robbery case which occurred at Gateway High School, Hre on 28/03/21 when eight (8) suspects pounced on a guard and blasted an office safe and went away with USD250 000.

Robbers will be arrested even if they try to hide.

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The cost of a mercurial central bank policy

This is the downside of not banking cash. It creates a security risk although it’s possible the school did not have time to bank the cash as schools have just reopened. Most businesses prefer to keep cash as depositing it sometimes means losing it to the system. The RBZ has been known to change policies with little advance warning oftentimes with severe financial impact. In 2018 the RBZ changed the currency from USD to ZWL, in 2019 it admitted that the ZWL was not on par with the USD then in 2019 it banned the use of the USD in domestic transactions before reversing this again in 2020