Many surveys have shown that there is no bigger crisis to the world and our very existence than climate change. The year 2019 was especially hard for Zimbabwe with millions of rural dwellers facing the real threat of starvation and those living in urban areas spending hours in line waiting for 10kg bags of roller meal. We also had to endure 19 hours of load-shedding as the government said the water in the Kariba dam had gone too low.

Despite all this, the nations of the world have been wrangling and writing their hands when it comes to making commitments to tackle climate change. Rich nations such as the United States appear unwilling to give up their polluting ways as they fear it will threaten their economic growth and dominance. The hope though is that at the current ongoing CoP246 meeting the nations of the world will agree to something concrete.

Just like all developing countries the team representing Zimbabwe have said they don’t see how they can change their activities as they contribute so little to issues causing climate change. They want the rich countries to make firmer commitments to reach zero emissions by 2030.