These past few days we have seen pictures and even a video showing gold coins all over social media. This is despite the fact that the RBZ has said that the gold coins will go on sale on the 25t of July 2022. That is still a couple of weeks away so what is going on here? The RBZ has a simple answer to it all. The videos and pictures we are seeing are fake news. This is despite the remarkable similarity between the RBZ’s list of features and the features of the pictured coins. The RBZ’s answer is that it’s all an elaborate hoax.

Videos and messages circulating on social media purporting or giving out that gold coins are available for sale and that some people already have them are nothing but fake news.

For the record, RBZ has not released any gold coins and the gold coins will become available on 25 July 2022 as earlier advised by RBZ.

The RBZ on Twitter

The RBZ was probably compelled to respond given how viral the images and videos have been. Gold coins have been all anyone would talk about. The suggestion that coins could already be in circulation would greatly damage the RBZ’s image in the eyes of an already distrustful public. Honestly though for all we know the RBZ could be right. The widely circulated image of the gold coin doesn’t seem to a visible have a serial on it. The video of gold coins doesn’t really show the coins in enough detail for us to see their features.