Recently it was announced that the RBZ would soon be introducing a new $50 ZWL note in order to ease the perennial cash problems faced by the transacting public. It was also said that the bank would also be introducing $100 ZWL and $200 ZWL sometime this year. This information was revealed by prominent economist and member of the Monetary Policy Committee, Eddie Cross. The bank has now confirmed that they will be releasing a new $50 ZWL note.

RBZ claims they have no plans to release $100 and $200 notes

The notice also claims that the bank has no plans to introduce the higher value notes despite rumours to the contrary. Like all such denials, it’s best to assume that these notes will eventually be released this year. Government officials have often been quoted as saying something in the morning, denying it in the afternoon and implementing that same thing they denied in the evening. The RBZ would be more different with their love for shock and awe. In any case, a year is an eternity when it comes to RBZ issues.

It’s within the realms of possibility and even likely that these notes will come this year as rumours have it.