This week black market rates have remained very stable just as they have been over the past few weeks. In fact, there was a slight early dip in the week with rates falling from Friday’s $20.70 ZWL per USD to nearly $20.00 ZWL per 1 USD especially transactions involving small amounts.

Meanwhile, those paying with bond notes have been paying anything between $13.80 ZWL per 1 USD up to $14.50 per USD for small amounts. This is slightly just above what traders were paying last week.

Despite the announcement that the government was going to introduce (pour in) more notes and coins into the economy the rates between RTGS balances and notes and coins have not changed. Traders are still asking for between 40-50% for notes and around 35% for coins same as it has always been.

  • USD to ZWL$ 21.0
  • USD to ZWL$ 20.90
  • USD to ZWL$ 20.3
  • USD to BOND: 13.80

The official rates were as follows yesterday:

  • USD to ZWL$: 15.6468
  • ZWL$ to RAND: 0.9352