Starting today if you want a Proton loaf of bread you will have to dig deeper into your wallet. Yesterday Proton Bakers announced that the prices of their bread and other baked goods were going up due to increasing operations cost. Their white loaf will be retailing for around $60 while you will have to pay $15 ZWL more if you want their seeded loaf.

It’s not clear what exactly prompted the latest hike which comes a week after bread prices went up to $50+ ZWL. In fact it seems the public should expect bread prices to go up weekly as inflation soars. Bakers have generally complained about the cost of importing wheat which they use to make their bread as local wheat is deemed unsuitable.

The other two leading bakers Bakers Inn and Labels have been mum but in times past the three largest bakers have always maintained price parity choosing instead to compete on other factors. Currently, Baker’s Inn loaves retail for $0.60 USD or R11.00. Rates have been going up although this week the black market was stymied by the latest action from the RBZ’s FIU.