Parents with children who are at or are planning to go to private schools are unlikely to have a Merry Christmas this year. Due to spiralling inflation and the continuous depreciation of the Zimbabwean dollar, private schools have proposed some pretty shocking fees to parents and guardians for the first term of 2020.

When we saw Dominican Convent’s $15 000 school fees bill we thought that was expensive. Then Sandringham asked for $12 000 and we were again shocked that was until we saw St George’s fees bill that adds will see parents pay close to $50 000!

Now we can add more schools to that list:

  • Falcon College – ZWL $60000
  • Cristian brothers College – ZWL $17 300
  • Petra (Primary & Secondary) – ZWL $ 12 600 & $ 8 260
  • St Thomas – ZWL $ 8300
  • Cyrene Mission – ZWL $ 4000 and you have to bring your own grocery too

Parents court government schools

In comparison, government schools are still charging ridiculously low prices of between $400-500 per term. Such fees will no doubt lead to either poor quality delivery or see taxpayers saddled with the difference between actual costs and such paltry fees.