It is the end of the month and most of you are about are doing your monthly shopping now. Given the constant rise in prices that we are subjected each week, it can be hard to know where to shop and what to buy. Here at , we have you covered.

Below are the latest prices from selected supermarkets around Harare:

ItemOKPick N PayChoppiesFoodWorld
All Purpose Cleaner 750ml13.4911.2914.7513.35
Bath soap Geisha 225g9.499.499.499.50
Bath soap image8.29na7.65na
Bath soap Jade 250g5.69na6.656.60
Beans Dried 1kg9.909.999.80
Bleach/Jik 500ml18.9520.79na
Bread Baker's Inn6.907.006.906.90
Bread Lobels6.907.006.906.80
Bread Proton6.907.006.906.90
Bread Shop5.996.80nana
Candles 6pack18.2015.2911.7517.95
Cereal (Cerevita) 500g19.9913.9918.9918.05
Cooking Oil 2l26.9926.4929.9924.99
Creamer 1kgna4342.85
Dish Washer 750ml14.8515.2913.9914.65
Drink Bally House18.9915.9922.9520.50
Drink Cheapest15.9515.9914.8515.50
Drink Mazoe 2l20.9521.9920.8920.55
Drink Mazoe less sugar19.9519.8519.95
Eggs 3028.9928.9936.9933.55
Eggs Dozen7.5915.999.00
Flour 2kg20.6519.9919.9921.90
Green bar10.909.999.7910.59
Jam 375ml7.156.997.855.85
Kapenta 1KG66.99nana77.50
Kapenta 500g38.8939.99na37.50
Lotion/Cream Camphor 300ml20.5919.9929.9931.65
Macaroni 3kg35.50na36.65
Margarine 500g11.9910.9911.6511.25
Matches pack of 10 boxes3.953.994.003.35
Mayonnaise 750g25.9919.9919.4925.90
Mealie-meal 10kg29.3529.7533.4932.05
Mealie-meal Refined 10kg36.5032.99na29.45
Milk 1l7.997.497.498.05
Peanut butter 375ml9.999.499.9911.85
Petroleum Jelly 300ml28.2923.9921.4524.25
Rice white19.9917.9916.4918.05
Salt 1kg4.753.994.203.15
Scouring powder 500g1.901.791.901.85
Soup Usavi Mix 50g2.852.792.852.80
Sugar 2kg19.8018.4919.4919.65
Surface Cleaner 500ml13.4911.2913.7513.35
Tea 100 tea bags18.9916.9916.7016.60
Thai Rice 2kg24.8918.99na25.95
Tinned beans 410g7.397.497.497.80
Tinned fish 155g5.754.995.406.45
Tissues (Pack of 4)9.999.7910.7514.15
Toilet Cleaner 500ml18.6015.9918.2018.35
Toothpaste 100ml7.998.997.758.15
Washing Powder 1kg23.9930.9924.5031.45
Washing Powder 2kg55.0056.9950.5055.05

Things to note

  • These prices are from our latest survey in Harare. However, we have noticed that these prices vary little if at all even in other towns.
  • Cerevita and Willards Cereals were the cheapest breakfast cereals
  • Bread is now in abundance, thanks to its exorbitant prices
  • Kapenta has been constantly more expensive than chicken for the entire month
  • Geisha is the most expensive bath soap. We know brands such as Protex are more expensive but we are talking about ordinary bath soap here.
  • The price of sugar has risen to $19+ from $17
  • Clean-O is the cheapest all-purpose cleaner (Handy-Andy if you like brands)