According to ZIMSTAT, the government agency tasked with producing various essential statistics for Zimbabwe, the month on the month inflation rate for July was 21.04% in July.

This means that on average prices of goods and services in Zimbabwe increased by 21.04% compared to their June prices. It means for example that if something was going for $100 ZWL in June it was now selling for around $121.04 ZWL in July.

Prices of goods are still increasing faster than salaries

Month on month inflation was at 39.30% in June which means prices had increased in that month by an average of 39% from their May prices. This month’s inflation means that the rate at which prices are increasing has decreased by about 18%.

While the government would have you believe this is a good thing it’s not! Prices still increased at world-record rates as the 21.04% figure showed. In the meantime, salaries have remained stagnant during the same period. Which means the average household lost 21% of their salary during the same period.

This is just history anyway

These figures tell you what happened in July long after you have experienced it. If you want to know the latest prices stick with us. This way you can plan ahead and do your budget using the latest figures without having to rely on some historical record.