In order to enhance and streamline the revenue collection process during matchdays, Premier Soccer League and NMB have teamed up together and are introducing tap cards.

NMB already has a successful partnership with ZUPCO which allows passengers to tap and pay in selected buses. The advantage of the system is that it is faster as each card does not have to be swiped and customers don’t have to enter a pin.

Importantly the system is not as vulnerable to network challenges as traditional methods of payment using portable POS and Ecocash. This weekend a lot of fans couldn’t pay using Ecocash during the Highlanders versus Telone match.

Trial runs using the card were carried out during a recent match between Highlanders and Herentials.

What happens is that a person preloads money into the card at any NMB branch. Because it’s a pin-less card, at present the daily limit is $100. We hope the fans will find value in this system

PSL CEO Ken Ndebele