Powertel’s mobile internet is currently facing some downtime. It’s not clear what’s causing the issue as they only refer to it as a fault or how long it has been going on but the company has just acknowledged that they are aware of the issue and assured its customers that its engineers are working to restore service.

Below is a full notice from Powertel:


We wish to advise our valued clients that there is a fault affecting mobile internet services.

Our technical team is working to ensure normal service is restored. We shall keep you updated on progress.

Any incovenience caused is sincerly regrettted


The full notice on the internet interuption at Powertel

The little mobile internet provider

Once upon a time, Powertel was the leading mobile internet provider with what was then their state of the art CDMA platform and Botswana internet gateway. They were a popular way to get online during the first half of the last decade then they ruined it all when they switched from a calendar-based model to data bundles.

By the time they switched back to their unlimited bundles, it was too late. Companies like ZOL and Econet had snapped up customers who never went back. These days they are a little known but well-loved mobile internet provider who has cheap unlimited packages favoured by students. Their speeds are not mind-blowing but their services is good enough for the prices they charge.