It’s not just residents of Harare who cannot seem to endure the latest lockdown. It seems that even in other parts of the country although human traffic has gone down in urban areas, growth points and township areas it’s still business as usual. Vendors and informal traders are defying lockdown measures and continuing to operate. This despite threats and stern warnings from the top police officials that lockdown violations will see perpetrators arrested. Recent pictures from Bikita in Masvingo shared on social media show that people going about their business.

It’s not even a secret why this is happening. While the threat of COVID is very real and people are getting sick and dying those in the informal sector have no choice. It’s either heed the lockdown and starve or go out and risk contracting COVID. Most are opting for the later. This time around the government has not bothered to offer support even though people are facing financial ruin and starvation.