Zimbabwe has recorded a shocking 774 new cases yesterday as updated in the evening with 3 deaths being attributed to COVID-19 related ailments. It’s now clear that the country is labouring under a devastating second wave. The government has responded by introducing another lockdown. However, concern has risen that the government is not doing enough to make sure that those who have already contracted the diseases get adequate treatment. People are especially concerned about the shortage of ventilators in government hospitals.

In response to this concern outspoken politician Killer Zivhu has drawn the ire of people by suggesting that people should buy their own ventilators. Below is a picture of his post on Twitter.

For the record ventilators do not cure (“kill” as he says in his caption) the Sars-Cov 2 or its variants. They are used to help patients in severe respiratory distress which affects some COVID-19 patients. It boosts chances of recovery but it is not a guarantee that one will recover. In any case ventilators sell for thousands of dollars, the price of a Honda Fit, and are therefore un-affordable to most people.

In any case buying a ventilator so that it can stay idle in your home is not only selfish, it’s just a waste of resources. Going to a hospital allows a doctor to save more lives as they can attend to more patients and once. Having a doctor on call is unlikely to be effective as patients who are in respiratory distress requires constant monitoring. It is sad to see community leaders say these outrageous things.