The third wave has hit Zimbabwe hard with deaths surging to never seen before levels. Yesterday alone Zimbabwe officially recorded over 30 deaths attributed to COVID-19 this is in addition to the usual death toll. This has hit funeral service providers like Nyaradzo hard, prompting Nyaradzo’s CEO to make another plea asking people to adhere to COVID-19 regulations.

Because there have been many deaths, the end-of-life industry has been under immense pressure, resulting in delays all round. Burial of our beloved ones has been delayed by a day or two.

Our hospitals are full of the sick, and our morgues are full of the dead. Our colleagues on the frontline in the health sector are doing all they can to save lives. At times their efforts are not rewarded, resulting in the loss of life, and this has happened on occasions too numerous to mention. Each time this has happened, morgues have borne the brunt.

I implore you, fellow countrymen, to observe the World Health Organization guidelines and those issued by our government so we can be safe and avoid infection.

Philip Mataranyika co-founder of Nyaradzo