NMB bank has announced that it is in the process of phasing out all Magistripe cards i.e. swipe cards with a black magnetic band with chipped cards i.e. cards with a chip that you insert into swipe machines instead. Magnetic cards are insecure as they can be easily cloned. Cloning has been on the rise in Zimbabwe with a lot of individuals and even businesses losing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

NMB is following the footsteps of Steward Bank who have already managed to replace their clients’ banking cards with EMV chipped cards. FBC has also done the same. Recently BancABC introduced co-branded MasterCards/ZIMSWITCH cards that come with EMV chips and allow you to make both domestic and international cards.

Below is a full notice from NMB :


Dear Valued Client, We advise that we will be phasing out the old NMB Access Debit Cards effective 31 December 2021, following the successful introduction of the Chip and PIN Debit Cards.

The new Chip and PIN Cards have the following benefits:

• EMV chip technology to protect from card cloning

• Additional layer of security to guard against card skimming

• Embedded microchip, encrypting stored client account information

• Convenience and increased access across POS payments nationwide

• Secure banking with PIN authorization for all transactions

Kindly visit your nearest NMB Bank Branch for an instant replacement before 31 December 2021. Our Contact Centre remains available to assist you on the following channels:

24 Hr Contact centre:

086 8800 3348

086 7700 8654

0712 616 100/ 1

0772 244 788

0719 526 98-7

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp: 0775 710000

NMB’s Twitter page