NMB, one of Zimbabwe’s many banks has just sent out a communication to its account holders informing them that their magnetic stripe cards will no longer be working with immediate effect. If you try to swipe with your NMB magstripe cards it will not be working. You will need to go and collect your Chip and Pin card from one of the bank’s branches. The much-needed changeover is meant to prevent card cloning and other forms of related fraud.

We advise that all Magnetic Strip cards will be deactivated with immediate effect. Kindly visit your nearest branch today with your National ID or valid passport to collect your Chip-and-PIN card.

For help contact [email protected] or 86 77008 564/566

The message from NMB on the issue

Step in the right direction

This is a bit late in the game. Zimbabweans have been battling card cloning and other forms of fraud related to the vulnerability of magstripe cards for years. Other banks, like StanChart, FBC and even Steward Bank have already switched to chipped cards and it is not clear why NMB is doing this just now but it is welcome neverthless.