Now that all three networks have announced their new voice, out of bundle data and SMS tariffs, its time for us to do a head to head comparison and see all the three prices side by side.

Voice tariffs/minute (On-net calls)$0.95$0.95$0.96
Voice calls/minute (Off-net calls)$0.92$0.92$0.93
Data out of bundle/MB$0.19$0.19$0.1926
  • One paper Econet is the most expensive for data and SMS given their strange prices that go up to the fourth decimal place
  • However, if you round down the numbers all come down to $0.19 per MB and $024 per SMS for all three networks
  • For off-net calls Telecel and NetOne are cheaper at $0.92, still, don’t know what’s up with that
  • For on-net calls, Telecel and NetOne are still cheaper than Econet even given their strange pricing structure