The Council of Land Surveyors has announced a new levy for registered land surveyors, land surveyors-in-training, and land survey technicians in Zimbabwe. The levy is being implemented to fund a budget deficit in 2023.

The levy amounts set out in the rules are:

  • USD 500 for Registered Land Surveyors
  • USD 200 for Land Surveyors-in-Training
  • USD 200 for Land Survey Technicians

Importance of Land Surveyors

Land surveyors play a crucial role in Zimbabwe’s land administration system. They are involved in surveys to implement land expropriation, settle boundary disputes, establish title deeds, value properties, and support infrastructure development projects.

Legal Basis for the Levy

The Land Surveyors Act empowers the Council of Land Surveyors to make rules prescribing fees and subscriptions payable by members. By making the Land Surveyors (Levy) Rules 2023, the Council is exercising this authority to fund its budget, with proper approval from the designated Minister.

The special levy on land surveyors aims to bridge the gap for the 2023 financial year. The new rules are likely to draw mixed responses from land surveyors in Zimbabwe. Some will probably see things from the council’s perspective that the levy is necessary to keep the Council running smoothly. Others will argue it places an unfair burden on individuals and that the government should adequately fund the Council within the national budget. There will also likely be concerns about the short notice given for the levy payment.