Just like Zimbabwe’s other two network operators, NetOne has its own WhatsApp bundles. Unbeknownst to us, and probably a lot of other Zimbabweans out there, NetOne’s WhatsApp bundles have a pretty unique and useful feature. They allow you to make calls.

NetOne’s current WhatsApp Bundle Prices

Last month NetOne reviewed their social media bundles, which include WhatsApp and they are now as shown below:

DataPrice ZWLValidity
20MB0.751 day
45MB1.501 day
90MB3.001 week
150MB5.001 week
250MB7.501 week
320MB10.001 month
1000MB25.001 month

The ability to make calls is a pretty useful feature

Most WhatsApp bundles allow you to send text and media only. If you try to call another person the other phone rings but when the call is answered no connection is made. The call is stuck on connecting. This is because these mobile network operators are actually blocking calls.

Why do they do this? Well, they consider WhatsApp to be a threat to their traditional revenue model and they would rather you buy airtime and make calls the traditional way which usually means more money in their pockets.