Maybe it’s because Zimbabwe’s second largest mobile network operator is tried to playing second fiddle and wants to catch up or may be this is just the latest episode in the perennial NetOne board fights, firings, insults and recriminations. We don’t know which is which but what we know is something big is happening at NetOne. The company recently announced no less than 8 vacancy positions at their head office.

They are looking for candidates to fill the following positions:

  • Head Administration
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Head Marketing and Public Relations
  • Head Enterprise Business
  • Head Billing
  • Head audit
  • Chief Technical Officer
  • Head Revenue Assurance and Risk

Interested? Well find out what each position entails by looking at the relevant advert below. Just one thing to note, NetOne boards tend to be dissolved many times and people fired for strange reasons that may or may not be valid and so you might find yourself fighting to keep your job in court. Something to bear in mind.