Hardly 24 hours after Econet hiked their data bundles by 225%, NetOne their leading competitor has also warned its subscribers that they will be hiking their data and SMS bundle prices. Never mind the lockdown it seems Zimbabwe’s Mobile Network Operators have finally obtained POTRAZ’s blessing to effect yet another price increase.

Dear Valued Customer,

Please be advised that NetOne will be reviewing its bundle prices effective 6 May 2020

Dial *171# to access the bundles

Netone’s tweet to customers

In an act of irony, this message was sent out as a Tweet to customers. Will customers be able to access Twitter after tomorrow’s hike. Again for the umpteenth time,a price review in Zimbabwe invariably means a price hike.

How will the latest hike compare with Econet’s?

Now that’s the question. Currently NetOne’s most popular bundle is the One-Fi bundle which starts at $400 ZWL for 25GB. This is similar to what Econet was charging until yesterday when they jacked the price up to an astounding $1 300ZWL. Will NetOne follow Econet on this path of madness or will their hike of this bundle be more palatable?