As promised NetOne announced new data and SMS bundle tariffs today. Also as everyone expected the review was just another hike-companies really need to work on the euphemisms.

New bundle highlights

  • The cheapest social media bundle ( you can pick from Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter) is going for $0.75 ZWL and gives you 20MB of social media data for your chosen social media platform and expires in a day.
  • The most expensive bundle is going for $25 and gives you 1000MB that is just under 1GB of data (1GB is actually equal to 1024MB).
  • The cheapest SMS bundle now goes for 0.15 and gives you 5 SMS although why you would purchase this bundle remains a mystery.
  • For 500 SMS you have to part with $9.00
  • There are no $1.00 bundles at all its 75 cents then $1.50 and then off we go.

Below are images of the hike:

New SMS bundles prices
New social media tariffs

NetOne new WhatsApp and social media bundles

DataPrice ZWLValidity
20MB0.751 day
45MB1.501 day
90MB3.001 week
150MB5.001 week
250MB7.501 week
320MB10.001 month
1000MB25.001 month