Yesterday NetOne send out a communication to their subscribers informing them that they would be reviewing Khuluma 24/7 bundles from today 4 September. We all now know well what reviewing means in this economy. It means as a customer you are about to get another belting price hike.

The bundles Haven

With Zimbabwe’s Mobile Network Operators now charging an exorbitant $0.48 ZWL per minute to make calls most Zimbabweans have had to make do with voice bundles. NetOne’s own version of voice bundles is called Khuluma 24/7.

It allows customers to make cheap calls across all networks on a clock. If you buy a bundle you get a fixed number of voice minutes which you have to use up before they expire.

The new Khuluma 24/7 bundle prices versus old prices

Cost ZWLMinutesValidity
3.00102 days
5.00203 days
10455 days

Just so you can see how the prices have changed below are the old prices.

Cost ZWLMinutesValidity
0.5031 day
1.0081 day
2.00181 day
3.00283 days
5.00505 days

Its a fair price increase to be honest

With the way, the price of everything is going up I kind of expected a shocker. This seems like a regrettable but fair price increase from my point of view. The bundles still offer significant savings when compared to shocking half a dollar cost of making calls out of these bundles.

The starting price of $3 might be a bit of an issue though. It’s kind of a high entry price to pay for a bundle that only lasts one day. It means this is a bundle you will only buy when you have a “story” to spend the bundles with your friend but is not ideal for casual callers.