Residents of Harare, Zimbabwe have been facing a water crisis due to a shortage of water purification chemicals. In an effort to address this issue, the Harare City Council has partnered with Nanotech Solutions to install alternative, cost-efficient water treatment equipment at the Morton Jaffray Water Treatment Plant.

Nanotech Solutions, a water purifying firm, has already started the process of installing the necessary equipment and has delivered an initial batch of chemicals to the plant. The company’s innovative technology and expertise are expected to significantly improve the city’s supply of potable water.

According to Engineer Edmore Chawasemerwa, the city’s installation and maintenance manager, the use of alternative water treatment technology is expected to reduce the amount of chemicals required in the treatment process. Nanotech Solutions has already implemented similar systems in Mozambique, South Africa, and Botswana, which have proved to be successful.

Nanotech’s Operations Manager, Gideon Reyneke, has stated that the company plans to upgrade the plant with disinfection and manufacturing solutions. “Long term we will start addressing capacity at Morton Jaffray to increase it and look at reticulation to ensure that we are able to address the questions we have,” he said.

The partnership between the Harare City Council and Nanotech Solutions is expected to save the city more than US$300,000 per month. The investment is a critical step in addressing the ongoing water shortage crisis in Harare, which has left many residents without water for days.

With the implementation of Nanotech’s alternative water treatment technology, the city council hopes to provide its residents with a reliable supply of clean and safe water.