Zimbabwe now has a new town to add to its list after Murambinda growth point was declared a town by Local Government and Public Works Minister July Moyo. In case you didn’t know, that it how it works. The difference between a town and a growth point is just a declaration by the Minister who considers the said growth point’s application and looks at various factos before declaring it a town. Murambinda is one of the growth points set up by the government in the 1980s under the Growth Point Act. It is located in Buhera.

The town has a population of 15 000 people and has been pushing for a town status for decades. It’s not clear why the Minister relented after his predecessors continued to rebuff the growth point’s application.

In terms of section 57 of the Rural District Councils Act [Chapter 29:13], I hereby appoint a Murambinda Centre Town Board Committee.

The committee will be responsible for managing and leading development in Murambinda Centre.

By copy of this minute, I also appoint the same team that did the assessments to assist the local authority to operationalise the Town Board Committee.

Buhera Rural District Council will bear the full costs of the team using the Government Travel and Subsistence rates and fees set out in the relevant Ministry Circular together with the provision of fuel.

The notice by Minister Moyo