A motorist was arrested on the 13th of August on charges of attempting to bribe roadblock police officers. This is a deviation from the norm as police officers are normally accused of being in cahoots with pirate taxis that were banned by the government in favour of ZUPCO. These pirate taxis often evade and bribe the police in order to continue operating.

On 13/08/21, Police in Zvimba arrested Tafadzwa Gwangu (30) for bribery. The suspect who was pirating with a Toyota Noah with 10 passengers on board approached a roadblock at the 36km peg along RG Mugabe Rd & offered US$5 to one of the officers in a bid to bribe him

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In Zimbabwe, if you violate traffic laws you are often required to pay a spot fine. There has been a lot of debate surrounding these fines. Traditionally and also in many other countries, you are given a ticket and have several days to either pay the fine or dispute the charge before a magistrate/judge. In Zimbabwe, the police are turned into judges and juries as the fine has to be paid in order for you to proceed. The government has insisted in times past that this is legal although doubts remain.