ZESA has just announced that there will be even longer power cuts because of the depressed power generation capacity at both Hwange and Kariba owing to faults at both places. The power utility did not go into details regarding the nature of these faults only calling them “technical”. There is also no hint as to when they expect the issues will be resolved.


Zimbabwe Electricity Transimission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) would like to advise its valued customers that there is increased load curtailment from the 24th of Sepember 2022. This is due to technical challenges being exprienced at our Kariba and Hwnge Power Stations as well as import constraints. The utilit is therefore conduct a mainenance exercise to ensure full restoration of service.

The inconvenience causeed is sincery regretted

The statement from ZESA

So many apologies and excuses

If it feels like you have been spending more time without electricity than with it these days it is because you have. ZESA has been implementing 16-hour power cuts in a lot of neighbourhoods in addition to the usual frequent faults that often leave us in the dark. It doesn’t help that ZESA has no known schedule they just switch off the power and that has allowed them to get away with so many failures because without a schedule sometimes it is hard to see the extent of the load-shedding. A user on Twitter recently did a poll to see how many places had power and how many didn’t have any and it seems lots of neighbourhoods have no power.