Lupane State University’s meal prices list has set tongues wagging on social media with the institution asking students to pay as much as $70 ZWL per meal. The government has pushed hard for state universities to resume operations and all of them are in various stages of reopening. However, a lot of people have questioned the move as, due to the lockdown a lot of students are probably going to find it hard to afford the tuition fees. Now it seems a lot of students will probably not be able to afford meals either.

Meal Prices Starting 10 July

  • Sadza with one piece of chicken $70.00
  • Sadza with two pieces of beef $65.00
  • Sadza with beans $45,00
  • Sadza with chunks $40.00
  • Sadza with chomolia/ cabbage $25.00
  • Plain Sadza $12.00
  • Rice with two pieces of beef $70.00
  • Rice with one piece of chicken $75 00
  • Rice with beans $55.00
  • Rice with chunks $50.00
  • Rice with soup $30.00
  • Plain rice $20.00
  • Two pieces of beef $55.00
  • One piece of chicken $60.00
  • Plain beans $40.00
  • Plato chunk. $30.00
  • Vegetables $20.00
  • Soup $10.00