These days more and more people are venturing into the share and stock trading market thanks to retailer investor apps like C-Trade. All you need is a little bit of money lying around, a phone, a bit of time and at least some knowledge of the stock market. Sometimes you do not have a little bit of money lying around and or lack the knowledge to trade stocks even with the help of an app like C-Trade but you are still curious of what the fuss is all about. The C-Trade Fantasy game was created for people who are curious about stock market trading but want to learn without risking their money.

What is the C-Trade Fantasy all about?

Those who have heard of or have played Fantasy football are already halfway to understanding what C-Trade Fantasy is all about. If you have never heard of or played fantasy football, do not worry, we will be explaining what C-Trade Fantasy is in terms you can understand. Basically, C-Trade Fantasy is what foreign currency traders would call a demo account. It is a game that allows you to create a C-Trade Fantasy account that comes with money in it. You can then buy and sell various stocks using this account making “profits” and “losses” based on real developments in the stock markets. As I said, it is like a real demonstration account that you can use to learn about the stock market without actually losing your actual money. If you do well at it there is a chance for you to win a US$1 000 prize money. This will be actual money you can keep.

How to join the C-Trade Fantasy?

All you need to do is to visit the C-Trade website and register for an account. Then follow these steps.

  • Eligible participants register for the fantasy and at the same time create their live trading accounts
  • Participants will each be allocated ZW$1,000,000 virtual cash for practice purposes
  • The platform will have access to live market data to enable simulated securities trading
  • It will also act as a demo platform for those requiring a practical feel of our markets without having to part with real money
  • Trading will be as if one is trading on the real market but using virtual money
  • Participants will be able to test their skills in analysing and picking the right stocks to build their virtual portfolios
  • The platform will track the performance of the virtual portfolios for each participant and rank them according to performance
  • The highest performers will various prizes monthly while the best performers at the end of each six-month season will be awarded the full value of their portfolio in real money for their investment in the live market
  • Participants will also be able to create their own mini leagues among their friends and families to compare their portfolio performance

Those who do well at the virtual trading and have the highest amount in their accounts stand to win various prices which include money and data. There is a suggestion that they can actually get to keep the cash in their accounts. Even if you do not win real money you gain a lot of knowledge and insight into how the stock exchange works.