Yesterday the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) announced the new fuel prices for this week. Unlike in past weeks were increases were more or less modest, this week’s prices featured significant increases. Kombi operators have responded to these new prices by also hiking their fares.

Operators were now asking for up to $3.50 for intra-city travel up from an average about $2.50. This included trips to and from 4th street to Coppercabana and Market Square bus terminals.

Distances to suburbs such as Glen Norah, Southlands and Glen View were being charged a minimum of $4 up from the usual $3. Some commuter buses were asking for $4 even for trips to Machipisa-Mapuranga that are usually cheaper.

Low-density commuters to suburbs such as Glen Lorne, Chishawasha, Borrowdale and Mandara were being asked to pay fares as high as $6 during peak hour. The same fare was being asked of Chitungwiza commuters as well with some operators even asking for high prices.

A lot of commuters who are already feeling the heat as the prices of everything goes up were patiently waiting for their turn to board the ZUPCO buses while some piled into overloaded lorries, desperate to get home on time.

The government has already promised to bring in more buses as they have become much popular to commuters and are extremely affordable at $0.50 a trip. Lines of commuters orderly and patiently waiting to board a ZUPCO bus have become a familiar sight at most stations.