It has been almost two years since the world was changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone is yearning for those simpler times that were 2019. A time when you could go about freely with your business without a mask or having to worry about not catching a deadily virus. Anti-vaxxers who have railed against vaccines have been touting a drug known as Ivermectin as the miracle drug that would allow us to get back to those times.

Anti-vaxxers are a group of people who are against vaccines in general for one reason or another including reasons based upon conspiracy theories such as the vaccines are meant to kill the poor or certain races or that they will bring upon the end of the world. Often their arguments are based on false science and downright lies.

In one of those arguments that make little sense, anti-vaxxers have been pushing certain miracle cures such as taking chloroquine and a new drug called ivermectin. It’s not clear why they would trust this relatively new drug when they are against COVID-19 vaccines that are more effective and also products of science.

A thorough investigation by authorities in various countries and regions including the US. Europe and Asia have shown that the drug is not nearly as effective as its proponents claim. It gets even worse. Recent research by the BBC has shown that not a single trial has shown the effectiveness of Ivermectin against COVID-19. Those trial that do the efficacy of this drug show signs of being fabricated including:

  • Duplicate patient data
  • Biased selection of patients to be included in trials
  • Numbers that seem like they were cooked up
  • Percentages that were calculated wrongly
  • Local health bodies don’t seem to be aware of the studies that are cited as evidence that the drug works

In fact, all evidence points out to fraud and quackery. Unfortunately, a lot of people have started buying into this drug even though it is unproven. Most countries including Zimbabwe have already started to register a slow uptake in vaccines as people buy into conspiracy theories.

Get vacinnated and wear your mask

Even though it might seem like we are through the third wave with bars and nightclubs reopening early this week, COVID-19 is still much the killer disease that it has always been. You need to sanitise your hands, wear your mask and get vaccinated in order to protect yourself and your loved ones. The WHO has warned about a fourth more devastating wave coming if we are not diligent.