Mbare Musika has always been a hive of activity and not even the current lockdown has been able to change that as people defied various directives as they fought to starve off hunger from their door steps. When one visits the famous market however, they are struck by how empty it feels without the usual long distance buses. But that is now about to change as long intercity travel is now back on the menu.

Recently the government approved intercity travel and for the first time they did not seek to make ZUPCO the only company allowed to operate on the roads. Other players are allowed but they have to register with the government and comply with Covid-19 regulations.

Transporters who wish to ferry passengers should register with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development to ensure that they strictly comply with Standard Operating Procedures for their sector which are compliant to the WHO guidelines and all COVID-19 regulations.

In support of this service, the Vehicle Inspection Department should also resume its services.

Minister Mutsvangwa

Registrar’s Offices to reopen

In addition to the above and shops being allowed to open as late as 18:30 hours, the registrar’s offices are also set to resume operations soon. This means that people will now be able to apply for and collect passports although the office still has a back log. Birth certificates and national ID offices will also open. The Vehicle Central Registry Offices will also reopen.