Businesses have castigated the government for being hypocritical and lacking commitment to the mono-currency system. Back in June the government of Zimbabwe made the Zimbabwean dollar, Zimbabwe’s sole currency and scrapped the use of the multi-currency system that had been in place since the inception of the GNU.

However, some government agencies such as ZINARA, ZIMRA, ZETDC and the RBZ are exempt from these rules and continue to demand certain payments in USD from specified businesses. It has extended this exemption to certain private businesses including Simbisa, although these are also obligated to accept the domestic currency as well.

The Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) had this to say:

All government departments and agencies should demonstrate a commitment to the mono currency regime by levying all statutory obligations in ZWL.

Government is widening the deficit in accountability, confidence and trust by allowing its agencies to go into a re-dollarisation mode.

This includes RBZ, ZIMRA, ZEDTC who are honouring their obligations as well as charging some fees and taxes in US$, instead of RTGS dollar.