Although Ecocash is no longer as popular as it once was, it is making a comeback. Many people have been asking us if there is a way to pay for DSTV using Ecocash. The answer is yes – you can pay for DSTV using Ecocash without jumping through hoops or incurring high agency fees. Below, we outline the steps you need to follow if you want to pay DSTV using Ecocash in 2024.

If you’ve read many of our articles, you know how often we criticise DSTV. You might think DSTV is a dying dinosaur on the brink of extinction. It’s true that streaming services like Netflix have become a significant challenge for DSTV, but they are just that – a challenge. According to our knowledgeable friends at Techzim, DSTV had an impressive 21.8 million active subscribers in 2022. DSTV is still very popular among Zimbabweans especially those who love live sports. The English Premiership League and the UEFA Champions League are big draws.

How to pay DSTV using Ecocash

To pay for DSTV using Ecocash, you need the following:

  • An Ecocash USD/FCA wallet. You cannot use your Ecocash ZiG (formerly ZWL) wallet unless you use an agent who will take the ZiG and pay for you using USD.
  • The surname and SmartCard number of the DSTV account you want to pay for.

Step 1: Generate a VCN

Ecocash has partnered with MasterCard, allowing Ecocash account/wallet holders to make international payments using a MasterCard. This partnership offers a Virtual Card Number (VCN) service, which provides a set of sixteen digits similar to a physical MasterCard card number. When you generate a VCN using Ecocash, you receive three important numbers:

  • A 16-digit card number.
  • An expiration date (e.g., 11/24, where 11 is the month and 24 is the year).
  • A CVV code, which is a 3-digit number (e.g., 123).
To generate an Ecocash VCN:
  1. Ensure there is at least US$0.50 in your Ecocash USD wallet.
  2. Dial *153# on your phone.
  3. Enter your Ecocash PIN.
  4. Choose option 7 for Wallet Services.
  5. Choose option 6 for Ecocash Debit Card.
  6. Select option 2 for Ecocash-MasterCard Virtual.
  7. Select option 1 to Request VCN.
  8. Enter a four-letter nickname for your card (e.g., dstv). Ecocash allows you to generate multiple Debit cards, nicknames make it easier to remember cards easily.
  9. Confirm and submit your request.

Once submitted, about US$0.50 will be debited from your Ecocash USD wallet, and you will receive a message with the VCN details (card number, expiry date, and CVV). Keep these details safe and do not share them with anyone. Ecocash will never ask for these details.These details are linked to your Ecocash wallet. Anyone with these details can drain your wallet.

Step 2: Pay DSTV Using Your Ecocash VCN

You can use the Ecocash MasterCard VCN to pay for DSTV. Ensure you have the surname and SmartCard number of the DSTV account you want to pay.

  1. Visit the DSTV Self-Service page
  2. If you already have used the DSTV online self-service portal and already have an account you can just “Sign in”. If this is your first time you need to Sign Up.

    To sign up follow these steps:
    • Click on “”Sign Up” (depending on the website).
    • Fill out the registration form with your personal information.
    • You will be asked to link your DStv account during the registration process. You’ll need your DSTV customer number or smartcard number for this step.
    • Once you’ve entered your details, follow the prompts to complete your registration.
  3. After you’ve registered, you should be able to log in to your MyDStv account and manage your DSTV subscription.
  4. To complete the payment you need to select the menu item that says My Account
  5. Select view balance and pay
  6. Follow the prompts to complete the payment process.
  7. When prompted for your card number, enter the VCN details.
  8. Click Pay. Your Ecocash USD wallet will be debited.


  • Ensure you have the correct amount of money in your Ecocash USD wallet, including a small service fee. For example, you need about US$30.10 to pay for DSTV Compact (actual package cost US$29) and US$76.90 in your wallet to pay for the premium package (actual package cost is US$75)
  • Make sure to enter the details you receive from Ecocash correctly.
  • To verify that you are indeed the owner of the Ecocash account you are using to pay, Ecocash will send you an OTP before the payment can go through. Make sure you enter this OTP when prompted to.
  • Note that you cannot pay for DSTV South African accounts using Ecocash VCN; it only works for Zimbabwean DSTV accounts.