So Game of Thrones is back! Well sort of and not really. HBO, the company behind Game of Thrones released the first episode of House of Dragon this past Sunday. House of Dragon is a prequel (events that take place before) to the formidable Game of Thrones scenes. It focuses on the … ah who am I kidding you probably already know what House of Dragon is all about. You are just here to learn how to watch it legally in Zimbabwe. Watching it illegally is quite easy you need to commit some sort of crime.

House of Dragon Trailer

How to legally watch House of Dragon

You basically just have two options at the moment and neither of them are that great:

  • Watch it on Mnet via DStv. That would require you to have a premium subscription or know someone who has a premium subscription who is willing to share their DStv Now password with you. DStv premium goes for an astounding US$70+ here in Zimbabwe and you can do a lot with that money. Multichoice, the owners of DStv have however promised to put the House of Dragon TV show onto their ShowMax platform. There is no indication yet as to when this will happen. So if you cannot afford US$70 and are willing to wait listen to all those spoilers people will be throwing around you can just wait for the show to be uploaded to ShowMax at some future unspecified date.
  • Watch it on HBO Max the original home of the show. That requires you to have a couple of things:
    • A device to watch on. Personally, I use my trusted Mi Box S which I have connected to my TV essentially making it smart. You can also watch on your laptop, tablet or something similar. If you are using a TV Box like me you need to sideload the HBO Max app. There are some excellent guides out there on how to do this.
    • You will need a VPN that will make it appear to HBO like you are in the United States. We recommend you use Atlas VPN which is part of Nord.
    • You can either create an account or find someone who is willing to share. Creating an account requires you to use a US address and a BancABC prepaid Visa card. Other prepaid cards will not work so do not bother them for this project
    • A decent internet connection. Most connections would work here including WibroniX, TelOne ADSL, FibroniX or Utande’s Fibre or LTE. You can even use One-Fi or Private WiFi bundles if you are feeling brave and flush with cash.

As already noted before this endeavour there are really no easy options to legally watch House of Dragon in Zimbabwe if you are just an ordinary Zimbo trying to get an early glimpse. This explains one of the reasons why a lot of people simply opted to go with the piracy option and it is something that companies like Multichoice might want to consider. Uploading the show early to ShowMax would have made things a lot easier and brought eyeballs and popularity to the streaming service.

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