Even as the number of coronavirus cases has started to rise with the number of cumulative cases set to pass 2 000 soon as the rate of infections accelerates people are still not taking the threat posed by the coronavirus seriously. We have noted various religious sects, businesses and other people are still happily hosting beer parties where every coronavirus recommendation is being violated. It’s a concern that was shared by the police also.

The security services in the country, including the police and the army, strongly warn the public of tightened lockdown regulations with immediate effect. People are becoming complacent.

Just yesterday we arrested 1 478 people for violating Covid-19 lockdown regulations and most of these arrests include people who are walking aimlessly, failure to wear a mask in public, the opening of unlicensed shops and shebeens among other offences.

House parties continue to be a problem and people are drinking from bars and they close themselves inside and drink.

Because of these increased violations of the Covid-19 regulations, we, therefore, notify the public that only those with exemption letters will be allowed into the central business district with immediate effect.

Those in residential areas must only move when they have business to attend to and go back home.

We have noted the increasing cases of Covid-19 and fatalities, and the increasing number of people escaping from quarantine centres.

We, therefore, shall enforce tightened lockdown measures for the safety of the public.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi

In our last article we noted that the government will need to do more than just closing down the country if we are to successfully fight the Covid-19 pandemic.