These days fewer people still recharge their phones using actual airtime vouchers. The rest of us simply go the electronic route using either money from the bank, Ecocash or OneMoney. There are however times when we are forced to seek the airtime guy from the street corner and buy an actual physical voucher. These types of vouchers require you to scratch them and sometimes the process doesn’t go as well as you should and you end up scratching some of the numbers.

Don’t throw away your card in frustration. There is and has always been a way to recharge even if you don’t know all the numbers of the recharge code. This is also true if you buy your voucher from a supermarket and some of the numbers of the recharge code are legible. To recover the complete code follow the following instructions:

  • Dial *111#
  • If this is your first time you need to register:
    • Select 1 to register
    • Select 1 to Agree to Econet’s mysterious terms of service
    • Chose pin
    • Confirm
    • Enter recovery password
    • Confirm recovery password
  • After registering dial *111# again and select option 5. If you had already registered just go ahead and select option 5
  • Enter you *111# pin
  • Enter the serial number of the recharge card both this and the batch number are on the card
  • Enter the batch number of the recharge card
  • Enter any five consecutive digits on the recharge card.

An SMS of the entire recharge code will be sent to your phone.

You can buy airtime for NetOne, Telecel And Ecocash Using the form below just fill it and click buy