According to a recent report by the Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA), Harare City Traffic officials are charging exclusively in USD for tow and storage of vehicles that would have violated traffic regulations in and around the Harare CBD. The association complained that council police were now levying tow and storage fees of around US$229.00 even in cases where the vehicle is not stored in council premises. This is despite the fact that the government Zimbabwe has been working overtime to make sure that the beleaguered Zimbabwean dollar remains widely accepted.



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Harare Traffic Officials Charge USD Tow Away and Storage Fines for Traffic Law Offenders
Harare traffic police are demanding and insisting on payments of fines in United State Dollars ONLY on traffic by-laws offenders. This is in total defiance of Zimbabwean laws and Government directive. They are demanding a total of US$229.00 for towing and storage fees even though vehicles are not towed or stored at Council premises.

The Mayor addressed the issue of traffic fines on 22 August 2022 and clearly stated that drivers should not pay traffic towing and storage fees upon being captured by traffic police, however, the extortionist culture still persists among City of Harare’s traffic law enforcers.

CHRA urges residents to be on the lookout.

The message from CHRA to residents

This report by CHRA is not out of the blue as some people suppose. A few weeks ago the Harare City Council issued a public notice in which they warned members of the public that some payments to the city council would now be in US dollars. The only payments that seem to be exempt to this new directive from the council include rent, rates and water.