Chances are that if you live in Harare you have not tap water today. If you do then you might need to store some for the impending dry spell. The City Council has said that they have run out of chemicals and are therefore going to be pumping less water than usual which will probably lead to water rationing although the council has not published any rationing schedule.

Dear Residents

The City of Harare would like to advise residents that we are currently facing challenges in the procurement of water chemicals.This has seen us being forced to reduce water production.

We will give updates as and when the situation improves.

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The City of Harare has been struggling to pay for water chemicals and owes a lot of money to both local and international suppliers. The problem stems from the fact that the council collects less money (about $20 million per month) when it needs about twice that amount ($40 million) in order to be able to buy chemicals. However, for the city council to raise its tariffs they will probably need national government approval which has not been forthcoming.