This week there has been an increase in interest in the prices of basic commodities as they continue to go up as they have been doing for the past few months. Of particular concern is the price of mealie-meal.

There have been reports in other publications that the price has gone as high as $68, didn’t see prices this high when we conducted our latest price survey in Harare, maybe it’s just a Bulawayo thing for now. We can also state with certainty that the assertion that prices have gone up by 100% compared to last week’s prices is also not true when it comes to Harare.

Anyway below are the latest grocery prices as of 12 September 2019

ItemOKPick N PayChoppiesFoodWorld
All Purpose Cleaner 750ml13.4913.4913.7513.35
Bath soap Geisha 225gnana9.499.50
Bath soap image8.29na7.99na
Bath soap Jade 250g7.99na6.65na
Beans Dried 1kg9.9013.9914.99na
Bleach/Jik 500ml15.4916.7915.8523.80
Bread Baker's Innnana8.99na
Bread Lobelsnananana
Bread Protonnananana
Bread Shopnananana
Candles 6pack 300g12.9912.2918.7518.00
Cereal (Cerevita) 500g19.9917.9918.9931.99
Cooking Oil 2l34.5028.9929.9928.39
Creamer 1kgna48.99na42.85
Dish Washer 750ml14.8515.2910.9915.80
Drink Bally House18.99na18.9920.80
Drink Cheapest13.6917.9915.9515.65
Drink Mazoe 2l20.9519.9925.8520.05
Drink Mazoe less sugar14.9916.9916.9915.65
Eggs 3034.1932.9951.3029.35
Eggs 69.999.99na7.35
Flour 2kg20.6523.991.9921.90
Green bar10.9010.699.7910.59
Jam 375ml7.156.996.105.65
Kapenta 1KG66.9956.9974.50na
Kapenta 500gnanana37.50
Lotion/Cream Camphor 300ml25.3029.9918.4526.35
Macaroni 3kg43.99nanana
Margarine 500g11.999.4911.8512.10
Matches pack of 10 boxes3.956.693.853.35
Mayonnaise 750g22.9921.9917.4519.49
Mealie-meal 10kg41.9936.99na34.70
Mealie-meal Refined 10kg53.5953.5933.4943.70
Milk 1l7.497.797.498.65
Peanut butter 375ml9.999.199.4912.95
Petroleum Jelly 300ml34.9924.9927.4527.49
Rice white19.9919.9917.4518.00
Salt 1kg4.093.994.204.45
Sanitary Pads 10s10.999.398.90
Scouring powder 500g1.853.292.992.50
Soup Usavi Mix 50g2.852.792.852.89
Stasoft Refill (500ml)26.4532.9928.9526.65
Sugar 2kg19.8019.9919.9919.65
Surface Cleaner 500ml13.4913.4913.7513.35
Tea 100 tea bags14.50194918.8524.25
Thai Rice 2kg24.89na25.3020.05
Tinned beans 410g8.357.497.498.35
Tinned fish 155g9.996.495.405.75
Tissues (Pack of 4)13.9911.9912.3012.75
Toilet Cleaner 500ml16.4019.9918.4518.35
Toothpaste 100ml7.997.397.397.59
Washing Powder 1kg23.9930.9924.5038.10
Washing Powder 2kg55.0053.9955.0062.85

Things to note

  • na means the item was not available in surveyed branches, items that were in low supply include:
    • Mealie-meal, Jade soap,
    • macaroni 3kgs (it seems shops prefer the more profitable smaller packages)
    • and of course, bread is as elusive as ever
  • np means we couldn’t determine the price, this was in the case of refined mealie-meal in OK, when we didn’t find a branch that had Parlenta we couldn’t find out the price. Later we did and we have updated accordingly.
  • TM Pick N Pay Jason Moyo/Second Street stubbornly refuses to put Royco on its shelves, we haven’t seen the 50g sachets on those shelves in months.
  • Sugar supply has improved
  • When it comes to eggs the price differences can be quite wild. Irvines shrink wrapped large were selling for $51.30 in Choppies, that’s by far the largest price increase we have seen. They were selling for $21.99 when Choppies last had eggs in stock back at the end of July. That’s the only 100% price increase we know of and it didn’t happen in a week.