We have noticed a trend over the past few weeks, apart from given items, for example, peanut butter which is going crazy, the prices for most items have been increasing at a much slower pace than in the months of September and October.


The most probable reason for this is the fall in demand as wages have remained very low and failed to grow at the same pace with prices which have been keeping pace with the rate.


A lot of businesses such as Delta have reported massive falls in turnover. Some businesses have seen as much as 50% fall in turnover forcing companies to either freeze price increases or reduce them as we saw with bread which is now selling for below $15.



ItemOKPick N PayChoppiesFoodWorld
All Purpose Cleaner 750ml21.1519.9921.9520.85
Bath soap Geisha 225g15.39nana17.00
Bath soap Jade 250gnana15.9915.95
Bath Soap Sonana7.99na9.99
Beans Dried 500g22.5022.9918.7518.99
Bleach/Jik 750ml26.2532.9927.3525.90
Bread Bakers Inn14.8014.5014.5014.55
Bread Lobels14.8014.5014.5014.55
Bread Proton14.8014.5014.5014.55
Bread Shopna14.00.nana
Candles 6pack 300g20.5025.9925.9927.05
Cereal (Cerevita) 500g28.9928.4930.9933.99
Cooking Oil 2l55.8056.9957.9954.50
Creamer 1kg75.9989.99na114.90
Dish Washer 750ml23.2526.7928.2519.35
Diapers 50275.10213.99na229.30
Drink Bally Housena34.99na45.05
Drink Cheapest39.9932.9929.6528.70
Drink Mazoe Original 2l44.99nanana
Drink Mazoe less sugar42.99na44.9046.60
Eggs 3044.6954.9962.0057.40
Eggs 616.39nanana
Flour 2kg41.9939.8941.9942.50
Green bar19.3518.9920.8520.15
Jam 375ml16.9916.9915.3518.75
Kapenta 1KGna131.99na143.75
Kapenta 500gna65.9972.0065.00
Lotion/Cream Camphor 300ml26.9537.9949.9971.99
Macaroni 3kg69.9969.99na80.85
Margarine 500g23.4934.99024.3024.40
Matches pack of 10 boxes9.999.996.507.50
Mayonnaise 750g74.99.32.9950.2046.99
Mealie-meal 10kg58.9963.9962.4963.45
Mealie-meal Refined 10kg71.9971.9972.9971.70
Milk 1l16.4016.9916.9918.70
Peanut butter 375ml35.9937.9932.9935.95
Petroleum Jelly 300ml41.4028.9927.6050.60
Rice white/Long grain29.7537.9934.9935.75
Salt 1kg8.75na9.457.99
Sanitary Pads 10s/8s15.4023.9922.9520.65
Scouring powder 500g11.1023.996.9910.85
Shoe polish 50ml20.501.29na19.30
Shoe polish 100ml33.1934.99nana
Soup Usavi Mix 50g3.695.695.605.50
Stasoft Refill (500ml)35.2932.99na60.80
Sugar 2kg31.9931.9932.8032.25
Surface Cleaner 500ml21.1524.9924.2020.85
Tea 100 tea bags24.3027.9926.8523.00
Thai Rice 2kgnana43.15
Tinned beans 410g13.5013.5912.4915.99
Tinned fish 155g12.7011.99na14.99
Tissues (Pack of 4)21.0519.9916.9923.60
Toilet Cleaner 500ml33.5026.9916.9924.80
Toothpaste 100ml17.0015.9914.9918.65
Washing Powder 1kg37.8039.9946.0031.45
Washing Powder 2kg51.4553.9998.4565.80



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