The Covid-19 (also known as coronavirus) outbreak has been wreaking havoc in the global economy which was already in a bad shape thanks to Donald Trump’s ill-advised trade war with China. Grain imports to Zimbabwe seem to be the latest victim.

According to Healthtimes the Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe Media and Public Relations Manager, Mr Garikai ChaunzaMedia and Public Relations Manager, Mr Garikai Chaunza.

Our National Chairman, Mr. Tafadzwa Musarara, is on a regional and international crusade where he is engaging with grain producers and suppliers, as we intensify grain procurement with the aim of complementing government efforts of ensuring food security.

The CoronaVirus epidemic has also affected our trips to Asia and related destinations where we intend to procure rice, maize, and wheat.GMAZ remains committed to fulfilling our mandate and moral duty of ensuring national food security,

Mealie-meal shortages have persisted as the formal market has failed miserably to meet demand leaving people at the mercy of the black market where they are often made to pay steep prices.