In an effort to counter the effects of the 2018-19 drought the Zimbabwean government has temporarily scrapped duty on wheat and maize imports. This was done in the aftermath of the budget which scrapped maize subsidies as these benefits were not reaching buyers.

Cabinet noted the need to ensure the continued availability of essential foodstuffs in the market and to counter the effects of the drought that was experienced during the 2018/19 agricultural season.

Accordingly, Cabinet has resolved to implement the following temporary measures: removal of control of goods import permits for maize grain, maize meal and wheat flour, with immediate effect; placement of wheat flour on the Open General Import Licence (OGIL) with immediate effect.

Acting Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Mangaliso Ndhlovu speaking to the Herald

The Open General Import Licence part means people no longer need special permits to be able to import maize. Anyone can now do it. Also, maize-meal (mealie-meal) is now exempt from duty it used to attract a duty of 25%.