The Zimbabwean government is negotiation with Mozambique so that the country can get more power after faults in South Africa have caused ZESA to revert to mostly stage two load shedding due to depressed power imports from Eskom.

This was revealed by the Deputy Minister of Energy, Hon Magna Mudyiwa during the question and answer session in Parliament today:

We are in negotiations with Mozambique for more power.

Hon Mudyiwa responding to Hon Mliswa

The deputy minister was responding to a question that had been put forth by who asked why companies that had paid ZESA in foreign currency in exchange for a guarantee that they would be spared from powercuts were still being subjected to power cuts anyway.

Hon Mliswa: Some companies have paid in foreign currency so that they can be ring fenced against electricity shortages but still they are not getting power even up to 14 hours. What more can they do now?

Electricity shortages causing problems in the economy

Electricity shortages have been cited repeatedly as one of the reasons why the industry is not performing as it should. While most industrial areas are usually on preferential schedule retailers often don’t get the same treatment.

They often have to rely on expensive generators and pass on the cost to customers.