As part of his raft of measures to contain the spike in coronavirus cases, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has imposed a mandatory curfew that runs from 6PM everyday until 6AM the next morning. Only those providing essential services are said to be exempted from this curfew. However, just as with all measures the government imposed, the government never bothered to look at how they can facilitate and make these restrictions workable.

These urgent and necessary measures will entail curtailing the freedoms we have always enjoyed, and have grown accustomed to.

From now on, these freedoms stand suspended and deferred, in the interest of all of us; indeed, in the interest of our children and our nation which must survive, thrive and prosper beyond this pandemic.

No responsible Government places its citizens in harm’s way, hence my Government will do all it can to preserve and protect the right to life.

ZUPCO buses have dismally failed to meet demand when it comes to ferrying commuters to and from work. Some people have to wake up early to join queues-much earlier than the 6 AM curfew with people waking up as early as 3 AM. Because ZUPCO buses are having a hard time ferrying customers from the CBD it is not at all unusual for some people to leave the CBD as late las 10 PM. These people will therefore inadvertently violate the curfew.

In order to be able to mitigate the overwhelming demand, ZUPCO buses have also sacrificed recommended social distancing guidelines. Kombis now carry 3 people per seat instead of the usual two and buses carry the same number per seat. Clearly ZUPCO is failing to meet demand. Wouldn’t it be prudent for the government to just allow private transporters to help?