CABS has finally responded to allegations that its system has been hacked and the hacker was stealing people’s funds.

CABS has noted messages circulating on social media claiming that CABS payment systems have been compromised and accounts have been accessed Illegally.

We would like to edvise our customers that our systems have not been compromised. The writer was referring to incidences of card cloning.We would like to urge all eur customers to be vigilant when making card transactions.To protect yourself from card fraud:

1. Be alert at all times.Not everyene standing around you has good intentions.
2.Never lose sight of your card when making a transaction.

3.Do not let anyone see yeu enter your pin; hide your pin when transacting at an ATM/ POS machine.
4.If you have the new Chip & Pin card. request the Chip option whe.n swiping on a POS mechine.
5.Registerfor SMS alerts for full visibllity of the activities on your account
“6. Download the CABS Mobile banking App on the App store and Google Play. The App has a functien that allews yeu to block end unblock yeur card.If you detect any suspicious activity on your account,visit any CABS branch immediately.

You can also contact us on (024) 2 870 158, 870 570,870 567,
870 532 between 8.00am and 4.30pm or on (024) 2 252 861-4/9 on our 24-hour contact centre.
CABS is in the process of rolling out Chip & PIN enabled cards to all CABS customers. These cards have security fe·atures that provide better protection against card fraud.