First Capital Bank has launched its own version of Monopoly the popular international financial board game. First Capital’s own version is called The Property Mogul Game. While the name is generic and doesn’t exactly roll of the time, the game is a gem.

A screenshot within the game

The game is browser-based which means you will need an internet connection to play it. However, once you load the single page where the game is hosted, you can disconnect from the internet and continue playing so long as the browser tab remains open.

Unlike real monopoly, you don’t need a real dice either. There is a roll dice button that uses computer code to simulate a real dice roll. Upon rolling of the dice you will and upon various boxes with different properties such as roads which you can buy. You will be expected to pay your taxes to ZIMRA like a good boy. Or you could go to jail-Chikurubhi is no fun. Whenever you need a bank First Capital is that natural choice of course.

Good game but mind the prices

This game is a simple version of Monopoly. We cannot tell whether it really sharpens your Moghul instincts but it is fun to play. Inflation is not one of the lessons you will learn in the game though. You can grab a road for $100, that money cannot even get you a kg of meat in a supermarket thanks to inflation.