The government has reinforced what it has already said a number of times before, the civil servant Covid-19 allowance announced by the Minister of Finance will be in the form of Nostro account deposits into the relevant accounts of civil servants. e Secretary for the Public, Defence, Police and Prisons and Recreational Service Commissions Ambassador Jonathan Wutawunashe said that to facilitate payment civil servants are required to open Nostro FCA accounts.

Every civil servant is requested to open a nostro account and arrangements will be made, and I am sure proper communication will be made to the banks to facilitate opening of the nostro accounts. We are going to workout the details with all stakeholders to ensure that there is soft landing to ensure the intention of the allowance is not lost because it is a cushion, it is a relief measure that is supposed to address the livelihood requirements of civil servants and their families

Secretary Wutawunashe

The government will talk to banks about charges

A lot of civil servants expressed dismay about having to open nostro accounts saying bank charges. Zimbabwean banks make money by leving various service charges on transactions made from bank accounts. According to the Secretary, the government is negotiations with banks so that they can waive some of these fees.

Some banks such as Standard Chartered have already seized upon the opportunity and are already sending inviting SMSs to customers inviting them to open FCA accounts with them.