The latest reports from the Auditor General are out and they are quite eye-opening. Not only do we have the ZRP defying the Auditor-General even those tasked with fighting corruption in Zimbabwe-the ZACC defied the Auditor-General when it was their time to be audited. The entity has failed to put its books in order and incorporate the AG’s recommendations over the years. The result is that millions of dollars spent by the organisation since 2012 are not account for.

Among ZACC’s misdeeds:

  • Failing to account for US1.1 million cash payments made during the year ending 2019
  • Failing to account for about US$2 million spend during the year ending December 2017
  • Improper disposal of houses worth US$2.4 milion
  • A huge gap of about US$1 million which cannot simply be explained
  • Unexplained cash payments for things like fuel purchases totalling about Us$1.1
  • An incomplete petty cash book with missing records

Corrupt anti-corruption

Despite routinely boasting about how many cases they have send to the prosecutor general no high profile case conducted by ZACC has ever resulted in what can be called satisfactory convictions. Most are just so-called “catch and release” fiascos that just fall apart when they get taken to court. One almost always gets the impression that this is almost always the bungling seem deliberate.

instead ZACC has resorted to going after small fish including of all things going after teachers for conducting holiday lessons. This gives the impression that they are busy while they deliberately ignore high profile cases. In fact, it is ZACC’s duty to ensure that there is proper corporate governance in government owned and operated agencies. Not only have they miserably failed to do that, they have also participated in the violation of ethics and laws themselves.