It would appear some war veterans are no longer amused by the government hiding behind and blaming sanctions for all the woes we are facing. A representative from the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association ( ZNLWVA) Harare Province told MPs that the current government must find ways to bust sanctions.

When Smith was under sanctions, he crafted what was called a Serviceman Charter to bust them, but today government is suffering because they have failed to put in place a policy or a Serviceman Charter to bust these sanctions.


Sanctions are the all-covering excuse

When our beloved government is not blaming drought, then they are blaming sanctions. This is something they have done for the past 20 or so odd years whenever we face a crisis.

Strangely apart from the look-East policy it doesn’t appear like there has been any organised effort to circumvent or defeat the effects of these sanctions. It has been all talk and nothing else it seems.